Hailing from the heart of Antwerp, the synthpop trio known as Fortress is releasing their new single ‘Colours’. This dark and danceable track showcases the band's signature blend of atmospheric electronica, Hanne’s lush vocals, and compelling melodies. Fans of Goldfrapp, Chvrches, Robyn, SX, Bat For Lashes, Purity Ring are in for a treat.

Lead by the hauntingly dreamy voice of singer and producer Hanne Torfs, Fortress has crafted a sound that is both sultry and alternative, inviting listeners into their immersive sonic experience.

The song explores the fascinating way in which memories can lose their vibrancy, only to suddenly burst forth with brilliant hues. The song's lyrics paint vivid pictures of a time gone by, where innocence prevailed. It evokes the sweetness of a first love, the innocence of youth, and the transformative nature of time. As the verses unfold, listeners are gently guided through the delicate process of memory resurrection, and the emotions that accompany it.


Date Event Location Tickets
May 14 2024 Kavka Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerpen Free
June 16 2024 Great Gigs in the Park Kiosk @ Casinopark Info
August 7 2024 Fonnefeesten Prinses Joséphine-Charlottepark van Lokeren Free
August 17 2024 Rijversfestival Wuustwezel Info

Dreamscape EP

Fortress recorded their debut EP Dreamscape in the summer of 2022. Singer Hanne produced the song in a little house in the woods and used organic sounds such like wooden sticks and rustling leaves that give the beat a dreamy and humanlike warmth. The fairytale elements in contrast with the rich synths, pumping beats and dark basses make Dreamscape a dreamy yet danceable EP.

Fortress recorded a lot of live instruments (Joppe Vanwetswinkel and Hanne Torfs on synths, Nils Tijtgat on the bass synth and Robin Wille on additional drums) to create their rich and sultry wall of sound.

The lyrics are often metaphorical and tell about deeply human feelings and concrete situations. The EP is substantively personal and intimate, yet always associative and open to interpretation.


Hailing from Antwerp, synthpop trio Fortress stands for dark, atmospheric electronica that is carried by the unique, dreamy voice of singer and producer Hanne Torfs. Together with Joppe Vanwetswinkel (keys) and Nils Tijtgat (bass), Torfs creates a sultry and alternative sound. Seductive and danceable.

From 2020 until mid 2021 concert venue Trix chose Fortress as an artist in residence. Since then, the band has written numerous new songs, recorded a cinematographic concert film and developed their energetic live show. Trix called them "the hardest working band in town".

Their first singles already drew the attention of both Studio Brussel and Radio 1, who called Torfs “the Roísín Murphy of Belgium”. The band also received a lot of praise from all kinds of music blogs. Their debut EP Dreamscape was released on February 17 2023.

The band showcased their EP in venues like Arenberg, Antwerp, Café Café in Hasselt and Charlatan and is now ready to go on a little summer tour. See dates and info here.


In 2020 Fortress was Artist In Residence at Trix. The venue called them "the hardest working band in town" and Fortress was happy to prove their worth with their cinematic concert film, which was released on July 2021. The film is directed by Tijs Torfs (the brother of singer Hanne) who has already won several international prizes with his compelling documentary 'Bertha en de Wolfram' and the poetic short film 'Graven'. The DOP for this film is Dries Vanderaerden, always going for the most mesmerizing shots. Violinist Michaël Lamiroy and talented dancers Pieter Desmet (Ultima Vez) and Martha Gardner will also be featured in the film.

The outfit that Hanne wears in the concert film was specially designed for her by Camilla Ardui. This Antwerp-based visual artist has been a hit before with her collage work and shows herself to be a rock-solid fashion designer for Fortress as well.

Expect an ingenious light show, virtuoso dancers and musicians overflowing with love for their craft. This innovative concert film is a must-see and will be broadcasted on July 2 on this webpage and live in Trix.



“De Roísín Murphy van België.”
Radio 1
“De toekomst van de Belgische elektropop.”
Dansende Beren
“The hardest working band in town.”
“Hanne pakt ons volledig in met haar loepzuivere, veelzijdige stem”
Luminous Dash
“Een ambitieus geluid dat zowel in donkere clubs als in gigantische arena’s zou kunnen uitblinken”
Dansende Beren



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